Go Get It

…seek those things which are above....Colossians 3:1

Paul instructed the Colossians to seek the things which are heavenly. What kind of things? The text does not say, but it is likely Paul wanted them to seek the heavenly blessings which were theirs because they belonged to God. Salvation endows every believer with certain privileges. One might call these privileges the believer’s rights�the right to fellowship with God; the right to understand Scripture; the right to experience resurrection power; the right to make our petitions to God and have them answered; and so forth. These rights are our heritage. They are ours because we are the children of God. Perhaps this was Paul’s challenge, to seek after the heavenly gifts that God has granted.

The word seek implies effort will be required. While these blessings are ours, we are required to want them and to go get them. James 4:2 reminds us, “ye have not because ye ask not.� God has provided many blessings for us; but to claim them, we will have to give of ourselves.

What kind of effort is required? Again the passage does not say but a reasonable list can be created with but a little thought. Time will likely be required-time to pray, time to worship, time to seek the things that God wants us to have. Consistency may also be required. While many Christians tend to be up and down, God is more interested in the steady walk of His children. God might also desire fervency. Christians need more than a passing curiosity for the things of God to receive His blessings. They need a passionate determination that will not stop until the goal has been achieved.

The bottom line is that God offers the best of heaven, but we must want it enough to go get it. Will you?